Propane Station at Clovis RV Park

Clovis RV Park has a well maintained and up to date propane filling station.  Our licensed staff members are at your service when you need your propane bottles or  motor homes refilled. We take pride in our ability to make sure our customers are getting exactly what they pay for. The fact is we  sell more propane for less money.  Just call us at (575)742-5035 and your propane needs will be taken care of quickly and safely.   

Propane Prices are the following:  

   100lb Bottles-  $60.00

 40lb Bottles-  $27.00

30lb Bottles-  $22.00

20lb Bottles-  $17.00

Exchange Bottle Prices: 

     20lb Exchange-  $22.00

    30lb Exchange-  $27.00

40lb Exchange-  $32.00

100lb Tank rental is $62.00 for 1st fill.

         Motor Home fill up-   $3.00 per gal.

*Bottle handling fee-  $5.00*

     (+Tax For All Non-Park Residents)  

All prices are subject to change.


 Popane Station Hrs Of Operation Are:

2:00 – 6:00 pm  

Monday-  Saturday

(or by appointment)

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