Must See Places

Norman and Vi Petty Rock & Roll Museum & Studio.

Thanks to the financial backing of our area Legislators and Governor Bill Richardson, Clovis developed a museum which highlights Clovis’ rich music history, with the intention of honoring Norman and Vi Petty, and the artists who recorded at the 7th St. Studio.

The museum is designed to educate visitors about the process of recording by displaying an operational recording studio from the 1950s. This studio contains original equipment that came from the 7th St. Studios where artists such as Buddy Holly and the Crickets, Roy Orbison, Buddy Knox, Waylon Jennings, Sonny West, Jimmy Gilmer and the Fireballs, Charlie Phillips, Jimmy Bowen, Johnny Duncan, Carolyn Hester, Chita Rivera and many others recorded. These artists created the “Clovis Sound,” that is known and still sought to be reproduced
worldwide today.

The museum is designed to complement the Norman Petty 7th St. Studios and display artifacts from the studios including the original mixing board used by Norman Petty to record Buddy Holly and the Crickets. Other artifacts include numerous photographs, musical instruments, an extensive radio collection and other memorabilia. A jukebox plays songs from the 50s and reminds us that Rock ‘n’Roll is here to stay.

The museum is open Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Cost to the museum is $5 per person.

Black Water Draw Museum 

The “Clovis Type Site” is accepted as the oldest culture in North America. Fluted points, stone and bone weapons and tools are displayed at the BlackWater Draw Museum, located on the Eastern University Campus. For more information call 575-562-2202 for the Museum or 575-356-5235 for the site.

Hillcrest Park & Zoo

From the thrill of the Hillcrest Zoo,  there are so many exciting activities waiting for you here in Clovis. Looking for excitement? There are plenty of animal antics to enchant the entire family at Hillcrest Park & Zoo. Wild creatures move freely or in modest enclosures, complete with trees, streams, pools and other natural features. Our 22.5 acre zoo is the second largest in New Mexico, and the animals are second to none. The zoo is a great place for the entire family. The Hillcrest Park & Zoo with more that 140 acres of park land, boasts playground equipment, basketball courts, sunken gardens and plenty of picnic areas. The Hillcrest Park & Zoo is located at 10th Street & Sycamore.  Or call 575-769-7873.

Clovis Depot Model Train Museum

Built in 1907, this historic site features railroad memorabilia and historcial displays of the development of the railroad in Australia, Great Britain, and the American Southwest. The museum also enables close-up viewing of the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway along one of the busiest rail lines in the United States. The Clovis Depot Model Train Museum is located at 221 W. First St., off US Hwy 60/84. 575-762-0066.

Norman Petty 7th St. Studios

The “Clovis Sound” made popular by such greats as Buddy Holly and Roy Orbison, was created and recorded in Clovis at the Norman Petty 7th Street Studio. Although it is no longer an active recording studio, the original equipment still resides there, and a visit will take you back in time to the grand days of rock ‘n roll. Petty’s golden years helped dozens of popular country, rock, and pop musicians who recorded at the Norman Petty Studios

Inside the studios the large dangling microphones, the old control board with big round knobs, the clocks on the walls, the Coke machine, and the furnishings look much as they did in the late fifties when Buddy Holly came to record. Relive the Norman Petty legacy with a tour of the studio, meet The Roses and Tollettes (back-up singer for Buddy). Hear original music recordings that will take you back in time. This is a place you will never forget and treasure for the rest of your life. The studios are located at 1313 W. 7th St. Tours must be booked well in advance, please call the Chamber at 575-763-3435 for details.

Patriot Outdoors Vision and Mission

Patriot Outdoors® an experience like no other, and anyone can gain valuable experience by learning and playing here. We empower you to be free, and like our great country, we are built on the idea that freedom is born of character, integrity and values. We’re all about the outdoors, where activities are always more exciting, where you can challenge yourself and have some serious fun. Come check us out during your visit. 1250 Cr 16 Clovis, NM or call 575-985-1776.

Red Arrow Bingo Hall and Buffalo Grill

Red Arrow has the most fun in town! With the energy & excitement of playing Bingo, thousands of dollars given away weekly, & with the anticipation of the upcoming projects about to be launched, they are sure to meet your families needs!

BUFFALO GRILL                                                                                                                Red Arrow offers your family an exclusive experience at the Buffalo Grill & Salad Bar &  the Espresso Coffee Shop.
 The  awesome selection of food items at the Buffalo Grill & Salad Bar with TV sets above every booth ensures that you’ll  never miss that winning goal.

Come in and get a one-of-a-kind Classic Cut of your very own, at the old fashioned Barber Shop!
Schedule your appointment today or just walk in!
Hours of Operation: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, & Saturday from 2:00pm to 8:00pm.

Clovis Municipal

If you are a golf lover…the Clovis Municipal Golf Course is a stop you’ll want to make.  Clovis Municipal Golf Course  boasts  one of the best 18 hole courses in NM.  You can also find a Driving Range, Pro-Shop, Restaurant, & Banquet Room.  Located at 1300 Colonial Parkway, Clovis NM or call 575-762-4775. Open from 7am-Sunset.